Love or Loathe? Block Heels

Shoes have been moving towards serious heels for a while now. While a block heel will limit tottering, it's not the most svelte of shapes. I certainly remember hefty heels from high school, and in retrospect they were good starter shoes into the world of more adult footwear. But they can also resemble the shoes Bratz dolls wear, and I prefer to have nothing in common with dolls who change shoes by removing their feet. Do you prefer a sturdy clop, clop, clop to a dainty click, click, click or are block heels best left in homeroom?
green oxfords, Jeffery Campbell, City Soles $94.99


Amy V said…
These shoes look like someone was interrupted while designing... the picture made it out of the art department and to manufacturing without a heel... then some bloke thought to make the heel a block.
becca said…
I like daintier heel. But the block heel is a good starter heel like you said.
Rachel said…
I love those particular shoes, but in general I like a fairly slim heel.
Anonymous said…
Those shoes are adorable, but I think I would feel clunky in them. For me it's a high heel or no heel at all.
Anonymous said…
I generally don't care for heels at all. they hurt my feet and make it hard to run.

sometimes I feel like such a boy.

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