Love or Loathe? The Bare Face

One spring trend on the runways that brings us back to the 90s is the bare face. (I remember being upset when my lips were pink and not pale in high school. My mother was, of course, completely confused.) Makeup trends have been pretty heavy into red lips, heavy eye liner and smoky eyes for a while now. Are you excited about a natural matte look, or will you fight Bobbi Brown to the death for your plum lip stain?
Left to right: detail shots from S/S 08 Chloe, Akris, Calvin Klein


Anonymous said…
I will always go too heavy on my eye makeup, and that's just how it is. I enjoy the bare face on others because it's different from what I'm used to, but I'll never embrace it for me personally.
Anonymous said…
I'm torn on this. My favourite look for faces is completely makeup free, so although I like the look of these faces, the idea behind them (wearing makeup to look like you're not wearing makeup) is disturbing to me.

I get that a lot of women think makeup is fun and that it highlights certain features, and to a degree I agree with them. I occasionally wear lipstick and I love a pair of dark smoky eyes. But it makes me sad that so many women feel it's necessary to "enhance" on a daily basis.

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