Etsy Shop of the Week: Kcoline

Kcoline started making clothes as a teenager who didn't see anything appealing in stores. What's going on in the world and the past serve as inspiration for this Brooklyn, New York based designer. The clothes show that Kcoline pays attention to what's going on in fashion, but isn't merely copying trends. Each piece is well made, unique, and expressive.

Kcoline loves all the clothing that makes it into her store. The silk wrap is calling my name, and I think eYe candy is adorable. Kcolines favorites are coup de coeur shorts, pierrette, chapeau de chasse, and stephanie, a dress that recently sold. Kcoline will also make custom orders.

pierrette $320
chapeau de chasse $95
silk wrap $110
eYe candy $220

Pictures provided by Kcoline


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