Etsy Shop of the Week: ChainChainChained

My first encounter with ChainChainChained was at a local Etsy craft fair. Her jewelry stood our from other items with its unique themes, interesting charms, and fashion forward styling.

began making jewelry after attending the Renegade Craft Fair in 2006. Her love for jewelry and desire to make something with her hands led her to find some old pliers and head to a local bead shop.

Inspiration at ChainChainChained comes from several places including nature, books, people, and her love for fashion, both from magazines and the street. “Jewelry doesn't just have to be pretty and sparkle, sometimes you can see a necklace or a pair of earrings and think, 'that's pretty clever!' I love finding unique charms and chains that look like they might have been setting in a jewelry box waiting to be brought out again.”

ChainChainChained most popular piece is the Hedgehog necklace. The Russian History Necklace, United Kingdom Necklace, and the Siren Necklace are among her personal favorites pieces right now. Custom orders can also be made.

If you would like to hear more from the artist behind ChainChainChainned visit her new blog, A Chain of Events.

Hoot hoot silver $26
Russian History $34
Little Spoons $8
Old world key $29
Cicada leaf and bell $32
Big ribbons and bows $35
Silver hedgehog necklace $18
Photos Courtesy of ChainChainChained


Jael Paris said…
I wore a necklace she made today!

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