2008 Fashion Resolutions

The start of a new year is the time for reflection and resolution. This year I want to drop some of my bad fashion habits and pick up some good ones. What style resolutions are you making?
Here are mine:

Stop buying stuff just because it is on clearance.
This is the big one for me. I have a lot of tops and a couple dresses that have hardly been worn, but I only paid like four dollars for them. I'm going to save that money for fewer and better purchases. Of course, I'll still watch for deals.

Remix my wardrobe.
I get settled into outfits and forget to experiment. My fellow blogger, Jael Paris, and another friend recently styled several new outfits out of some seldom-worn items in my closet. It was fun, and I figured out how to wear some things I was ignoring.

Eat better.
This isn't really a weight loss thing. When I eat healthier food and drink more water, my hair, skin, and nails all look better. I also feel better, which is always a great look.

Return things I haven't worn.

Many department stores allow as long as six months to return things. When an impulse dress or shoe buy doesn't move from the closet in months (unless it's an off-season purchase), it's going back.

Clean out my makeup bag.
I have a hard time parting with a beloved eye shadow even if it's old and cracked. Treating myself to some new makeup should make this resolution easier.


Anonymous said…
I need to clean out. Everything. I have a tiny apartment, and my closet/dresser are overflowing. So are my bathroom cabinets. I need to purge everything that isn't fabulous. I love your suggestion to buy (a few!) new things to make it more fun.

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