Trends Going to the Birds

Birds are cute, colorful and can sing better than most American Idol hopefuls. Their tiny, distinct shapes have been all over clothing and jewelry lately. You can dabble in this look with some of the select choices below.

Draped tunic, Paul & Joe, $596
Tote, Anthropologie $98
Flock belt, $34.00
Cropped cardigan, $147.00
Green flats, Irregular Choice, $107.06
Belted skirt, Anthropologie $69.95
Purse, LeSportsac, $39
Necklace, dinosaurtoes, Etsy, $14
Jacket, Trinity, $78
Pink sparrow clutch, $36.95
Tee, stevester, Etsy $25
Ballet flat, $34.95


Rachel said…
I love the bird trend, but rumor has it it's on its way out... so sad! Tree branches and deer (and antlers) are coming in.
Jael Paris said…
Something being trendy just means there's a lot of it in stores. I think if you like something and wear it well, buy it up when it's in stock and keep wearing it for as long as you want. So long as you don't look stuck in a certain time period, wear what you like!

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