Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry

I worked in a jewelry store for years and thought I'd share some tips with you in case you were thinking of jewelry for Christmas.

1. 24 karat gold is pure gold. Gold is yellow. If you see someone selling 24k white gold, they are scammers. (That should be obvious, but I've seen mall kiosks selling this crap.)

2. Gold jewelry is mainly sold in mixes of 10k, 14k, and 18k. 10k is 5/12th gold, but it is the strongest of the all the mixes, most resistant to scratches and breaks. 18k is 3/4th gold, and is thus the most expensive. Likewise, it's the softest and most easily damaged mix. However, not all mixes are the same. I've seen beautiful 10k and dull 14k. Are you buying this piece as an investment? Then buy 14k or 18k that is finely crafted. Do you just want a look? Then search for 10k or 14k that has an even tone.

3. No one is allergic to gold. Allergies from wearing jewelry are a reaction to the other metals in the alloy. Just because you are allergic to 10k yellow gold doesn't mean you'll be allergic to 18k white gold.

4. Gold tone, electroplate, vermeil, and gold fill are not gold. They may look like gold or be coated in gold, but aren't solid. Again, if you are just shopping for a look, you can save some money with heavy gold plate instead of solid gold. However, I wouldn't recommend something like that for a heavy wear item like a ring or watch.

5. Look in second hand stores. They don't have a huge mark up, and most scratches can be buffed out. You can get something used for a third of the price, and after a professional cleaning, it will look brand new. In fact, jewelry stores will buy jewelry off the street, clean it, and sell it as new.

Coming soon, tips for buying gemstones.

14k multi strand beaded bracelet, $375
14k plated bracelets with acrylic bead, Anthropologie $48


Anonymous said…
I agree with Jael that no one is allergic to gold. They are a reaction to other metals in the alloy. So, do not be skeptical about going for gold.
Diana King
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