Tim Gunn's Guide to Style for Karen

Tonight Tim faced one of his toughest challenges—a woman who couldn't move out of her sexiness twenties and into the sophistication and success of her forties. During the wardrobe review, Tim started out having trouble it telling it like it was, but Victoria stepped in with the brutal truth—Karen looked trashy. After hanging on to most of her wardrobe, Tim and Veronica brought in a life stylist to help bring her in to her age gracefully.

Karen had a great little Betsey Johnson dress that she wore as a cocktail waitress in her twenties. She was clinging to the dress, but they took it away to help her learn to move on. She had a hard time and a lot of tears shopping for things outside of her comfort zone, but in the end she found some great things and even received a Bill Blass dress.

After quite a journey, Karen ended up with a sophisticated look that made her feel fabulous and ultimately look younger with her newfound sophistication. She said she never wanted her daughter to dress like her, but with her improved look, Tim dressed her daughter in a matching designer dress. (I'm not big on matchy-matchy, but she looked cute). Tim also gave her back her dress, the one she had to let go of, in a preservation box so she could keep the memories, but move on at the same time.


Jael Paris said…
I understand keeping something for memories. I'll always keep the dresses I bought in Paris when I was 17, but I don't think I should wear a Pepto pink shift when I'm in my 30s. However, I may like to give it to my daughter some day.

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