Steve Madden for Men

Steve Madden is a well-loved shoe brand for women. He makes runway style affordable for everyone with a product that will last you a few seasons rather than a few wears. In addition to stilettos and ballet flats, Steve Madden also makes shoes for men. For dress shoes, I like this Luxxor loafer with paisley embroidered detail. It's available in black or brown for $89.95 and could really jazz up a conservative suit. For a more casual look, I like this leather sneaker named Kryten. A guy could wear it with khakis, cords or jeans, and it would look equally perfect at a casual wedding or playing some touch football on the weekends. It's also available in black or brown (sort of a saddle brown) and is currently on sale for $63.96.


Nathan said…
I like the sneakers as kind of casual-formal style, though the loafers look like a cut-off cowboy boot designed by someone who likes the word "pretty."

I can see that they're nice in the intellectual sense, though the only man I can see wearing them is a certain P. Moody.
Anonymous said…
I love the second pair of shoes, though I have to guiltily admit they look a hair like my "are these too masculine?" oxfords, so I may just be biased...
Anonymous said…
oops, nevermind the link then!

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