Fashionably Late with Stacy London Gets Cheeky

Stacy London wants to help us with our fashion problems. These week on her show, Fashionably Late with Stacy London, she tackled a major panty problem.

Have you ever had a problem with your underwear creeping above your pants or skirt for the would to see? My solution has always been higher pants or a longer shirt. But one Aussie granny had a different solution—Pert Cheeky Backless Panties.

These Pert Panties work a lot like a thong, but they go around the thigh under the cheeks, hence the “Cheeky” part of the panties. The straps are adjustable to get the perfect fit. They also claim to eliminate the panty-line without the wedgie.

When I first saw this backless underwear, I thought “Why wear panties at all?” However, I then remembered all of the buzz about celebrities who couldn't seem to find the right panties for their outfits. Could it be that Pert will save us from the celebrity panty blight?

At the very least, these panties shouldn't ride up.

Oh, and don't worry guys. They have Pert panties for you too. Because you really need something to go with those low rise leather pants.

The website has information on how to wear the panties and videos about them. They cost US$15.70 a pair including shipping and handling.


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