Project Runway Update: Week Four “Dos and Don'ts”

This week brought us another team challenge. Teams of three had to create mini collections with each looked based on a different outdated fashion trend. That had to transform these “don'ts” into “dos.”

Team challenges always bring team drama. Ricky and Victorya got into a lot of drama. They had a more pulled together look than the losing team, but they did not work together well. There should be plenty more drama where that came from. The also picked Satan's material – satin. It was way too hard to work with.


Jillian's team, overalls and poodle skirts and 70s flare, not only had some of the best “don'ts” to work with, they also had some of the best designers. Jillian, Rami, and Kevin are all designers I expect to see around for quite a while unless they do something stupid. Instead of each of them representing their specific “don'ts” like the other teams did, they tried to bring elements of each “don't” into all the looks making their collection a standout in cohesiveness, modernity, and reinterpretation of old trends. You also got a clear picture of the woman they were designing for – Jillian.


The loosing team of Christopher, Sweet Pea, and Steve was quite disjointed and two designs were not very good. They had baggy sweaters, dance wear and shoulder pads as their “don'ts,” a hard combination to put together. Chris and his dated shoulder pads went home. He had a choice between shoulder pads and baggy sweater. No one should choose shoulder pads.


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