Project Runway: Shockers and Surprises

This week's Project Runway shocked with a number of surprises. First, the designer's learned that they would not be designing for their normal models. Instead, they would design for women who has just accomplished a significant weight loss. On top of that, the designers had to use the women's favorite outfits from before their weight loss as raw material for their design.

The biggest shock of the week was seeing Jack leave because of a dangerous bacterial infection in his face. Per his doctor's advice, Jack decided to go home to care for his health. He was broken hearted to leave, and the other contestants hated to see him go. Sadly, he went home.

Almost Lost Twice:

To keep the competition high Tim brought us our next surprise—Chris, last week's eliminated designer. Chris took over Jack's client and jumped right into a design all-nighter to make up for lost time after coming in late. Chris worked to avoid elimination twice in a row, but almost didn't make it through with his costume-y sailor outfit.


For me, the final surprise of the evening was Christian's win. I didn't think Christian could pull off this challenge. He doesn't do well with creating something that isn't entirely his unique vision. He is also very arrogant and doesn't seem to work all that well in a team. I wasn't sure if he could work with a body that wasn't model perfect or a client to didn't like anything except black and denim—no color, no skirts, no dresses, no prints, no strange embellishments. For Christian, that almost seemed like no design. But he put together a great outfit that showed his design style without compromising his clients personal style. Unfortunately, this won't help humble the twenty-one-year-old design diva or cut his hair.


To the surprise of no one, Steve is out. He couldn't think of anything to do with a huge, beaded, white wedding dress. Sure, it wasn't ideal, but it had a bodice that could have been worked with and beading that could have created some great detail. Apparently he has never seen a white, non-wedding dress, a corset made from a bodice or shirt, or anything made out of polyester. His lack of imagination sent him home.

Other standouts for me were Kevin and Rami:

Even though Kevin paired his outfit with leggings, they worked like pants, capris maybes. It looked so good, it was forgivable. Rami's outfit had great, wearable pieces on which she can build her new wardrobe.

Next Week's Elimination: Elisa or Chris. (But anything could happen).

Also, Patrick Robinson, new Head Designer for the Gap, was the guest judge. I liked his line for Target. It makes me want to check out the Gap now.


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