My Midwestern Harajuku

Harajuku seems to be one of those looks that looks better in a group, but it still interests me. Here's how I'd incorporate elements of this edgy look into my pared down retro look. When I first saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, I thought it looked like what I wore in my kindergarten class photo. However, "little girl" is one of the harajuku elements, making this velvet mini a perfect starting point. I'm not too comfy with minis, but I can add texture, color, and 80s flair with aqua cable knit leggings and royal blue leg warmers. These pink BCBGirls "Proud" wedges add a sexy and feminine tone. Confession: I've always wanted purple hair but didn't want to go through the harsh dye process. With a bobbed purple wig, I can have the fun without the commitment. This starred headband would help keep the wig secure. I'd ring my eyes with black Kohl liner and wear dark plum lipstick. Not only do these white starred lashes match the colors in my outfit, but they are also beyond fun! Pink and blue skull earrings are whimsical and match this pink Paul Frank "Skurvy" purse. Could this pass as harajuku?


becca said…
I think this is a fun way to play with the Harajuku elements with going way overboard.
Jael Paris said…
What I love most in the outfit is the wig. Purple!

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