The Horror: Fergie's Fanny packs

Fergie designed a line of purses for Kipling. Actually, she designed three “collections” called “The Nice Scout,” “The Naughty Scout,” and “The Dutchess.” The collections are basically the same bags in different prints. Worst of all she has designed not one but two fanny packs.

Yes, fanny packs. There is one from each Scout collection. The “Nice Scout” brings us the “Mischievous” fanny pack in camouflage. The “Naught Scout” brings us the “Promiscuous” fanny pack in silver, black, and pink lips. I never thought I'd see “promiscuous” and “fanny pack” in the same sentence.

She also made a bag called “Tasty Tasty,” but at least she spelled it correctly this time.


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