Love or Loathe? Sling Back Tennies

Not a single person defended the retro tunic. Sorry, Doris.

Generally, I dislike any look that could be described as sporty. Even worse, it any sporty shoe that attempts to look more feminine by adding a heel. Yet, I find myself oddly drawn to these sling back wedges by Tennies. Maybe it's the peeptoe. Maybe it's the nice combination of blues. Maybe these shoes are sinister and trying to suck me into their fugly world. Tell me, are these fug or fab?


Rachel said…
It's just good photography!! It's the lighting! Don't be sucked in!!!

No, they're pretty cute, but I'm not a fan of the "tennis shoe heels" thing either. Mildly fug, but forgivable.
Jael Paris said…
I think they could be really cute with grey tights and a lime green retro shift.

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