Fashionably Late with Stacy London Test Trends

Tonight Stacy sent her trend testers on three risky missions—testing shoulder pads, a plastic sport coat, and feathers. Of course, Stacy didn't send them wearable versions of these trends. She sent them the runway extremes. Kind of like these:

The Shoulder pads looked very top heavy, but the tester seemed to like the look even though others didn't.

The plastic jacket did not go over well at all. It looked cheap and the guy testing it couldn't get over the noise it made.

The feathers kind of worked out for the tester since she was a comedienne and wore the to her set that night. As far as a look that worked, the feathers didn't take off.

However, I think more subtle version of these looks can work. I can't think of a shoulder pad example. In stead of a plastic sport coat, try a leather sport coat for some subtle shine and a unique look. Like this Versace blazer.

Instead of all over feathers, feathers work best as trim. This little black BCBG dress has more manageable feathers.

The key to trends is moderation and working with other classic elements. All over trend just looks silly. Subtle trend in a classic look is timeless. When do shoulder pads work?


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