Experiments in Color: Bold Tights.

Many women don't want to go too over the top with color. The most common complaint on makeover shoes like What Not to Wear is “this doesn't match.” They would much rather wear a bunch of matching neutrals. I also used to have a closet full of black that I matched with jeans or more black until I started experimenting with color. Now I have to wear black clothing to work so my accessories have to be colorful.

Tights can add a punch of color to an otherwise plain color palette. Tights are also inexpensive so it won't cost much to experiment. Bright Pink tights added to a classic LBD can give it a funkier edge. Pretty plum tights can be a great way to spice up your skirt suit at work. And ribbed tights, fishnets, or patterned tights offer not only opportunity to add some color but also add some texture to your look.

Of course, bright tights can look great with other bright colors. In her FW07 ads, Kate Spade paired bright legwear with her bright clothing and accessories.

Take the challenge to brighten up the gloomy winter months with bright tights that will keep your legs cozy.

Hue offers a pretty good variety of colored and textured tights. You can buy these at major department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom's. Usually, you get a deal when you buy two pairs.

Target is a great cheap place to start the tights experiment. Right now they are selling some two packs of tights to get you started. They also have more tights in store than online.

Urban Outfitters
has almost every bright color you can imagine. They also have a lot of trendy styles, textures, and prints. The size range isn't as large as Hue or Target though.

American Apparel has the most color options I've seen. The pictured style comes in 15 colors.

also has an online guide for bright tights.


Jael Paris said…
What?! You didn't post the American Apparel disco leggings? ; )

Accidentally buying pink shoes was the best thing I ever did for my wardrobe. Now I'm even daring enough to try some orange.
Rachel said…
Color makes me happy, so I'm trying to do this. I have to buy some tights too!!

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