Where to Find Long Gloves

Last week, I posted a Target Challenge that included a swing coat with which I suggested wearing long gloves. I realized I left you without options for long gloves at a good price.

These Simply Vera Vera Wang gloves may be the best out there. These gloves can be scrunched to sit at the elbow or stretched even further up the arm. Unfortunately they only come in one color.

These satin gloves by Sock Dreams were found by a good friend in the comments section of the Target Challenge post. These are very cute. The price is right, but they may not be warm for winter.

These Portolano gloves available on Bluefly are a little pricer, but they come in six colors and look quite warm.

These gloves from Nordstrom are a lot like the Bluefly gloves, but a few dollars more. These come in seven colors including poetic purple, which I quite like.


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