Give Fashionably: The Gentlemen's Fund

Fashion Me Fabulous will be featuring a different charity each week until Christmas. The holidays is a popular time for giving. People most often give to organizations that care about the same things they care about. I hope some of the charities featured here will connect you with a cause you believe in.

The Gentlemen's Fund was founded just with year as part of GQ's 50th anniversary. Instead of creating their own charity system, The Gentlemen's Fund contributes to charities already championing the five causes the Fund cares about: opportunity, health, education, environment, justice. These are the aspects of life GQ considered most important to men.

You can donate through the Gentlemen's Fund website, by participating in their auctions, or purchasing items from their store.

The Gentleman's Fund is a great opportunity to impact several charities at once that the Fund has already researched and decided were worthy. However, when giving to any charitable organization be sure to check them out to see how your money will be used. is a great tool for giving wisely.


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