Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

I have a confession. I'm lazy when it comes to makeup. Actually, that's not true. I'm lazy when it comes to mornings. I don't like them. I do everything I can to trim tasks from my mornings so I can swipe my phone alarm to snooze a few more times. Because of this, I'm not one to wear eye makeup (or even makeup) every single day. And I'm always on the lookout for a simple beauty products I can apply while running out the door.

I have a second confession. I'm not good at liquid eyeliner. On top of being lazy in the morning, I lack the patience to properly practice. When I first saw liquid liner in a marker format, I got really excited, but the first few drugstore brands I tried let me down. I was reluctant to try a pricier brand lest that disappoint me too.

Then, I spotted this periwinkle blue Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila at Sephora. I tried it on my hand and found that it actually goes on that color! I let impulse take over and spent the $22. (A girl's got to treat herself once in a while). I love it. It's wonderful. It stays all day long. Also, it doesn't get gummy or chalky if you have to do touch ups or want to go over the line again for a bolder look. It's even easy to apply. The vivid periwinkle color is fun enough to work completely on it's own too, which means even less work for me in the morning. And it means I can pack a makeup bag with only one eye liner, one tube of mascara and one tube of concealer for an entire trip.

I'm tempted to buy it in every color, and there are 14 colors.


Jennifer Wells said…
Hey, Becca. Love your review! stila sounds great, but I've had to cut back on my beauty budget, since we're doing a lot of renovating on our home. I've found some really great products at e.l.f., although I haven't tried any liquid eyeliners yet. I love their HD powder, though, and their lipsticks are great.
becca said…
Nora, I love several e.l.f products.

There is one liquid liner I've tried from a less expensive brand. I have a review on that coming up.
SohoAccessories said…
E.L.F. is opening in the mall near me, but right next door to Sephora ! I love E.L.F. because you can try beauty items without breaking the bank.
Chinmay Sahoo said…
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