Suprising Fashion Find: Hot Topic

You may have noticed a lull in content on FMF. A lot of that has to do with the state of fashion right now. We're not big fans of what's in stores at the moment, which is making both shopping and blogging a bit of a challenge. Recently, I made a surprising fashion discover, or rediscovery.
I haven't shopped at Hot Topic since high school, but they sell cool fandom stuff now. I went in for Pokemon, and came out with a few new dresses. Surprisingly, Hot Topic has a wide variety of cut dresses that look quite different from the same dresses I'm seeing everywhere else. They have the typical, edgy fair you'd expect from Hot Topic, but not all of it is fit only for teens. This Black Moto dress ($40) and Aquamarine skull dress ($20) have a fun edge but have simple enough designs to still be versatile.

Most surprisingly, Hot Topic has plenty of retro, adorable clothing like these two looks. The Red and Black Polka Dot Romper ($32) and the Navy Sailor Dress ($79, plus size pictured junior's sizes available too) are sadly both online exclusives, but Hot Topic will ship for free to their stores (and as long as you order with a credit card, you can return online orders to the store too).

Hot Topic mostly offers dresses in junior's sizes so you may want to size up if you're ordering online. Thankfully, most of their stores offer a variety of dresses in all sizes for you to try on and get a sense of size. This Nautical Navy Dress ($44) has little skulls in the print. This little Black Lace Dress ($40) is a simple look made for fun styling.

If you're nerdy, you might like to look into their line of fandom-themed dresses. I have both of these, and I love them because most people just think they are a fun print. They usually don't noticed that I'm wearing a Doctor Who Villains Dress ($28) until they get a closer look. And the Harry Potter Marauder's Map Dress ($28) looks really cute with a cropped jacket and tights

If you want more subtle fandom wear, Hot Topic has that too. You can pick up this Orphan Black Dress ($24), which is a basic red dress with a DNA helix print. For the Disney fans, this Little Mermaid Dress ($32) looks like a tropical, leafy print of sorts from a distance, but really has Ariel silhouettes and bubbles all over it.

Have you found any unexpected fashion buys lately?


Anonymous said…
Great designs all the models in these vintage dresses looks awesome.

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Jennifer Wells said…
Hi, Becca!

What don't you like about fashion right now?

A lot of it goes over my head. In high school, I was very sensitive to clothing and trends. I wouldn't wear something that was five years old.

Now, I just go to thrift shops and I have no idea what's cool and what's not. I'm probably really behind the times.
Chinmay Sahoo said…
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kisswhom said…
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