Pick of the Week: Dip-hem Skater Dress

This is a power dress. It's the sort of simple dress with an eye-catching detail that lets your inner star shine. It's all about the skirt with it's sexy-sweet dip, abundant pleats and beautiful movement. It's hard to not feel stunning when your skirt swishes. The top is so plain and modest, you can really style it however you want. Red heels and a simple gold necklace? Lovely. Biker boots and a cropped tee? Why not? Beige ballet flats and a silk scarf? Perfect.

There are a few black versions left, but I'm partial to the skin and eye-highlighting blue. This dress is $90 at ASOS and worth it.


Jennifer Wells said…
The high-low skirt is actually really practical, too. Gives you more modesty when picking things up.
kisswhom said…
a jumpsuits like this is great, it suits you
8hww2klq1t said…
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