Etsy Shop of the Week: Complements By Jo

It's Halloween! (I know it is not technically Halloween today, but it's October, which is Halloween for the whole month). I love costumes. Sadly, only one day or time of year really allows for them. This is why I love a secret costume--dressing in something inspired by a book, character, film, etc. These cute, nerdy skirts and accessories from Complements By Jo are perfect for such costumes, and for generally fun attire any time of year. Best of all, whatever your fandom, Complements By Jo has something for you from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Supernatural to multi-fandom mash-ups.
Supernatural Skirt, $55
Multi-fandom Skirt, $60
Anti-possession SPN Scarf, $40
Blue TARDIS Skirt, $55
Police Box Skirt, $55
Zelda Scarf, $40
Sherlock Scarf, $40
Game Controller Skirt, $55
Lord of the Rings Scarf, $40
Star Wars Skirt, $40
Comic Superhero Skirt, $40
Galaxy Skirt, $55


Jennifer Wells said…
How fun! Hope you enjoy. : )

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