The problem with beauty standards is not us versus them.

I've been dancing around to Meghan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass" for weeks. It's a great song. Sax, dancing, and perfection. As a girl with the booty, booty, it's nice to be reminded that I'm fine not flawed. Give it a listen if you're unfamiliar (or if your obsessed with the song like me).

But could we not use the phrase "skinny bitches"? Some girls are fat. Some girls are skinny. Some girls are in between but feel fat because of beauty standards and also wrongly assume that fat is an insult and not just a descriptor like brunette. Either way, the amount of weight on your body does not dictate your value, your attitude, or your heart. (In fact, it doesn't even say as much about health as we'd like to think.)

I long for the day when women bucking beauty standards is done without belittling the choices of other women. Ahem, Taylor Swift.
Tumblr fixed Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." Thanks, Tumblr.
When movies and music and all other media tell us we need to be one way, they are trying to take the power of choice away from us. We don't get that back by taking power from other women. It doesn't matter if they are telling us not to be soft or to lose your virginity by sixteen or to be a size two. No one fits any of the images put out there, so we're all in that same boat of being told we're flawed, wrong, and misguided. Can we all agree that fixing beauty standards won't happen by snapping at other women for wearing heels, not wearing makeup, or being small chested?


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