Project Design: Better Graduation Jewelry

When I graduated from high school, I recieved several keepsake necklaces with the year or a little graduation cap on them. They were very sweet gifts, but I never wore any of them. They were given to me on the day of my graduation party. I didn't open them until the next day so I had no graduation-related occasion left for which to wear them. And when else do you where such specifically themed jewelry? I would advocate that cash is the best grad gift (college is expensive!), but if you want to give something more meaningful (or a trinket in addition to the money), these necklaces will offer inspiration and encouragement for years to come.

This Girl Reaches for the Stars Necklace by erinpelicano

Compass Necklace by SusiDjewelry

Winston Churchill Quote Necklace by FragileEliteDesign

Personalized Envelope Locket Necklace (Add your own message) by CaptureMyArt

Emerson Quote Necklace by BookishCharm


Anonymous said…
Gotta vote for Emerson, since he's one of my favorite writers. : )

I received some cash as a graduation gift. Then I bought shoes.

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