Pick of the Week: Five Below Sunglasses

This might seem like a slightly odd pick of the week--sunglasses from Five Below, the store where everything is $5 or less. But, hear me out. Sunglasses get expensive. If you want fun sunglasses, they get even more expensive. If you want designer, this is not the post for you. If you, like me, lose, break, scratch, drop or otherwise harm sunglasses regularly, you need to check out Five Below.

The range of sunglasses in the store isn't quite accurately represented on their website. I see a lot of much more grown-up looking pairs in the store. They have nearly every style you can imagine. I have a pair of heart sunglasses from Five Below, only the hearts on on their side so they're not the typical heart sunglasses, which is really cool. They have cat eyes sunglasses, blinged out sunglasses, sunglasses like the ones from Breakfast at Tiffany's, sunglasses in every bright color and print. Most of them closely resemble their counterparts at major clothing chains (including Anthropologie) and better department stores. Best of all, most of the sunglasses are $4, some are only $3.

The quality isn't top of the line, but they are nicer than most I've purchased in the $10 to $30 range. The low price means you can make a fashion statement without spending a lot of money on something you won't wear next year.

So, stock up. Don't feel bad if you lose them. Don't ruin your day by accidentally crushing them in your purse. Don't worry if your kids or your friends' kids decide to play with (break) them. Don't squint while swimming because the tide may carry them away. Have fun, enjoy the sun(glasses).


Jennifer Wells said…
Oo, veddy nice!

I like cat-eye frames but wouldn't want to wear them as my normal pair of glasses. Prescription, that is.
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