Etsy Shop of the Week: goodbyefolk

Shop: goodbyefolk

Why We Love It: A stunning pair of oxfords makes me weak in the knees. An adorable pair of saddle shoes takes me back to my childhood. Vintage-inspired high heels make me giddy. Beautiful boots bowl me over. And nearly everything from goodbyefolk has me saying goodbye savings account.

Price Range: $210 - $320, with one outlier costing $950. These prices are less than many designer shoes of lower quality and blander design.

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow to see some highlights)

Pictured: Baby Blue Booties $320; Blue Saddle Shoes $225; Black and Brown Oxfords $225; Flower Oxfords $225; Two-toned Booties $320; Buckle Heels $290; Polka Dot Boots $280; Ivory Vagabonds $225; Oxford Heels $320; Nude Braided Sandals $240; Mary Janes $240; Victorian Spats Boots $280Silver Oxfords $225; Bespoke Mens' Oxfords $225 (also pictured above)


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