Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland

Kristy Mitchell's Wonderland is a stunning collection of fantasy photography. It's not for a movie. It wasn't produced by a studio or commissioned by a designer. It's not a magazine trend piece. This muli-year project was started to memorialize her deceased mother who always read her fairytales.

Gammelyn's Daughter

The Briar Rose

The Chrysalis's Child

The Voyage

Ms. Mitchell and her friends made all of these costumes and props. (Before becoming a full-time photographer, Mitchell worked 10 years in fashion design. The friends also have a variety of design and costume history. This is not the work of accountants and sales reps.) The landscapes are all part of the English country-side near the photographer's home. Rather than research and reimagine famous character, each one is an amalgamation that came to the photographer in dreams.
The Ghost Swift
The White Queen

Gossamer Wing
After five years, her 72-piece collection is ready for exhibition. Unfortunately, nothing is yet scheduled for the US, but considering the amount of press she's been getting for this gorgeous collection, hopefully Mitchell's coffee table book dream will come true.

Let Your Heart Be the Map

Last Dance of the Flowers
These small pictures aren't enough to do her work justice, so do click on the link above. (You can also click these images to enlarge.) Her website also includes behind-the-scenes photos, a production diary, and detail shots of the costumes and props. And if you find yourself in London or Amsterdam sometime soon, please check out one of her shows for me.


Anonymous said…
I've seen these before but they are definitely worth a second look and entire post! wonderful, stunning, & inspiring!

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