Under the Gunn Episode 2

Episode two of Under the Gunn didn't give us too much more insight into how the rest of the show will work, but we did get to see the mentors round out there teams. Each mentor has four team members that they will nurture and help become the winner. The designers who showcased in the second audition round were a pretty good bunch. I might even like them more than the first group. Instead of a pre-selected bunch of fabrics, these designers got to run around and grab fabrics from barrels. I actually like the pre-selected fabrics a la the ingredients basket on Chopped better, but Project Runway and its spin-offs like to make designers scramble.

Sam, pictured first in the slideshow, was probably my favorite of the night. He did a good job of showing who he is and realizing his vision. My least favorite was Isabelle, pictured second. She was far too dramatic, lost and annoying. Also, she wouldn't follow rules when it came to times up, and Tim had to drag her model to the runway. Producers even had to intervene. I was saw she got picked. Click through the slide show to see the designs:

Which teams and designers are who cheering for? Are we getting enough Tim in these episodes?


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