The Horror: Meggings

The other day, my husband was clicking through a list of funny links. Most of them led to fake websites for silly products -- like an inflatable muscles t-shirt -- that would eventually disappear to be replaced by an Old Spice ad. Then he clicked on an ad for Meggings. Hubby laughed and laughed, then wondered where the Old Spice ad was.

Old Spice never came, because Meggings is a real website selling leggings for men. (Side note, can we please stop calling stretch pants leggings? It's confusing the "leggings are not pants" issue.) Credit to the model for looking like he's having a blast in his solo mission to revive 80s glam band fashion.


K said…
oh dear God LOL Just awful!! :S

Strawberry Short Skirt
Anonymous said…
they also have a fake service they advertise for 'executive spray tan parties' that promise dancing and spray tanning in one go. Oh, Old Spice! They are really upping their lol factor with their latest ad campaign!

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