Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Finale

I've been trying to write this post all week. I'm just not sure how to feel. It was a pretty great season as I mentioned last week, but I didn't get several of my Project Runway All Stars wishes. I know the world isn't a wish-granting factory, but so far All Stars has served to right some wrongs. Mondo got a much deserved win. Favorites got to come back. Designers got to shine who had been eliminated too early. This year let me down in that department.

It began with the viewer vote to bring back a previous designer. Ra'mon was on the voting list, but Kate came back instead. Christopher had been a favorite of mine, and I really wanted to see his collection, but that didn't happen. Finally, Korto had been my favorite to win her season. With Christopher out of the running, my loyalties fell entirely to Korto, and she didn't win.

But that's all personal stuff. Let's look at the collections. (You can click through each designer's slideshow below)



Seth Aaron:

Elena did a good job. It was interesting and a progression for her. It just didn't match up to the others in terms of refinement. They had limited time, but Korto and Seth Aaron had more polished collections. Korto had the most wearable collection. I wanted several pieces. She was also the most marketable designer up there. The judges didn't think she pushed the envelope enough though. Seth Aaron took some risks and not all the judges loved it. His collection had a strong vision and a lot of details work considering the time constraints.

Seth Aaron took the win. I could have seen the judges going with either him or Korto. His collection was bold and interesting. I don't begrudge him the win at all. I just didn't find myself cheering for him like I had during his season.

What did you think of the collections and the winner? Who was your favorite?


Rachel said…
I FINALLY caught up so I can go back to reading your blog... I was afraid of spoilers :P

I'm happy with Seth Aaron's win... he had a polished, well-made collection that was totally Seth-Aaron. Works for me! It actually surprised me though, because I felt like the judges liked Korto's pieces better... I think maybe she didn't win because of cohesion issues (once they pointed it out the lengths did bother me). I LOVED her long yellow dress, though, and I would have been happy if she'd won too.

It was a good season! I felt like the overall quality of work was pretty amazing, and there were a lot of unique design standpoints.

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