Project Runway All Stars S3 E10 In 3 Thoughts

1. This has been an excellent season of All Stars so far. Alyssa Milano works much better as host than any they've tried before. Georgina and Isaac work well as judges. Some of the guest judges are questionable, but that's because we're watching Lifetime. Zana Roberts is the only weak link. I'd like to see a stronger mentor in there. Joanna Coles was great (but she left us for Cosmo). I'm interested to see who wins.
2. This has been a tough season to know who to cheer for. I loved Jeffrey from the good ole days, but he didn't do that much I loved this season. Seth Aaron has been solid, but he's annoyed me some. It's great to see Korto back (I have no con for her). Christopher has been my personality favorite all season and occasionally a fashion favorite too. Irina avoided being a villian while Elena showed us why Lifetime asked her back because she is all about the drama. Most of the challenge were strong and produced good fashion. Like this past week, which must have been a tough decision for the judges.

3. I'm so sad to see Christopher leave. It was probably the right decision, but I'm still sad. I wanted to see his collection. I did like that he and Korto had a one hour show down on the runway. They book did a great job in such little time, but Korto was the winner. And I've been cheering for her since she didn't win her season.

What did you think of the outcome? Who are you cheering for in the finale?


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