Project Design: Lady in Red

If you've been watching any commercials lately, you'll know that VALENTINE'S DAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. The advertisements are beckoning us to indulge in chocolate (or chocolate diamonds...?), find a boyfriend (don't be ALONE!), hint for better chocolate/flowers/jewelry ("You deserve the best"), lose those last few pounds (but eat chocolate, too), etc., etc, etc...
I'm not a huge fan of all the Valentine's day hype, but I do sometimes love to dress like one of those frilly heart cards we made in grade school. I also love to buy clearance chocolate the next day. If you're in need of a red dress, here are a few lovely options from Etsy: (Vote for your favorite below).

Silk Mandarin Collar Dress by DemetKaratas 
Dramatic Neckline Dress by Murramor 

Ruffle Sleeve Dress by DanielaTabois 

Red Pencil Dress by Jersa 

Red Knit Dress by leninka


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