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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pick of the Week: Laundry Bag Set (It shocked Hermione)

Jael: Crap! I put off my Pick of the Week post for the Golden Globes and in three days it's sold out.

becca: I hate it when that happens!

becca: This might be a lame pick of the week, but I bought some laundry bags for delicates on Amazon. They were a great price, and washing tights, scarves, sweaters and things with beads or studs has never been simpler. I could write about that... 

Jael: Did you not have one before? Have I left you in the cold darkness of handwashing all these years? I am sorry, my friend.

becca: I had one, but only one. The set lets me do a bunch more, and now I have more than just one small size because it's a variety set.


Jael: All these years, it never occurred to me to buy more than one.

becca: I know! I lost mine. (The basement ate it) so I bought this:  

Link: B&E Home Essential Laundry Mesh Wash Bag Set, Amazon, $11.99

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Rachel Lambes said...

Totally smart! I use them for bras and tights, obviously, but they're also great for nursing moms who use washable nursing pads and for teeny baby socks.