New Year's Fashion Resolutions

We've talked about fashion resolutions in years past. I like making goals, and the new year feels like a good time to evaluate life (and wardrobe) to decide what could be better.

1. I resolve to throw things out.
I'm a pack rat so unless I want to end up on Hoarders: Fashion Edition, I have to get rid of stuff. I'm not talkng about donating things I don't wear. I'm talkng about throwing away the clothes I wear that have holes, are pilled beyond salvation or patched past reason. I'm all for being frugal and making things last, but I need to look more professional than that. I'm taking pictures of the items I need to replace, keeping the allbum on my phone and using it when I go shopping.

2. I resolve to repair my box of broken shoes.
I know of a good shoe repair shop. Its by work. I miss my shoes. They've been in that box for a year. What is wrong with me? This goes to clothing I think I can repair. I'm giving myself deadlines, or I'm clearing the clutter.

3. I resolve to shop indie more often.
Sure, it is convenient to shop mostly at the mall I can walk to from work, but I'm not finding things I love. The style right now doesn't fit my personal style, and I don't like the cheap fabrics I'm finding everywhere. I'm turning to Etsy, boutiques, a local market of handmade goods and local vintage shops. It will probably cost more, but this will force me to shop smarter instead of buying what will just get me by for now. Also, I love supporting independent artisans and local businesses.

4. I resolve to fix my laundry routine.
I'm terrible at doing laundry. My clothes spend most of their time in the hamper. I usually have to run out of clothing before I wash anything. This is why I hang on to a lot of things I need to throw out. I'm going to need to stay on top of the laundry so I actually get to wear my nice clothes on a regular basis.

5. I resolve to stop dressing lazily.
It's so easy to wear the same basic outfits over and over. I had moved away from this, but my busy life has put me in a rut. I'm breaking out in 2014. I want to have fun with fashion again.

What are you New Year's resolutions fashion or otherwise?


Shelley said…
Becca, I do so hope you do not throw out all your comfortable clothing. I am referring to your first resolution. Everyone needs that comfortable outfit for many reasons. There are the basic reasons, deep cleaning as us northerners do every spring, but what about the days when you need to dress down for your spiritual good? A day when you plan on lounging around drinking hot cocoa and reading a hot new best seller? Or the times when you spend reordering your favorite room, building up a healthy sweat?

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