I Wish I Could Buy Those Earrings

I hate finding cute earrings because I can't wear them. I got my ears pierced when I was nine, but after letting them grow back and piercing them again, they got more sensitive each year. I don't typically have a problem with metals, only metals that go through my ears. I'm not even sure if my ears are even still pierced because I don't have any gold earrings, which is the only type I can wear. So, no earrings for me. At least, no earring that go through my ears. Until I opened my stocking on Christmas. My mom got me these clip-on converters. You slide a post earring into them and wear it like a clip on! (They sell them for wire earrings too, but I haven't found as nice of a set online yet). I forgot to try them out on New Year's Eve, but I'm going to wear them out once the snow and ice in Michigan let me leave the house.

Pictured: Gold and Silver Clip-on Earring Converters, Amazon, $11.39


Anonymous said…
Hi-five, soul sister. My ears aren't pierced, either.

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