Etsy Shop of the Week: Laura Galic

Shop: Laura Galic

Why We Love It: Jael Paris showed me this shop, and it is amazing. I want almost everything in it. It was really hard to narrow things down to avoid putting everything in the favorite items section. The clothes are stunning. The coats and jackets will make all other coats and jackets look inferior. It's all just so pretty.

Price Range: $50 - $500 (Some items are expensive, but not for what you're getting. These are designer level clothes at department store prices.)

Favorite Items:
(click through the slide show below to see some of our favorites.)

Pictured: Sabrine Jacket $150; Rebecca 2 Jacket w/ removable skirt $220; Dalia Jacket $140; Ruffle Skirt $70; Magda Suit $200; Ghertrude Jacket $170; Beatrice Jacket $265; Monica 3 Dress $150; Mina Jacket $180 (also pictured above)


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