Etsy Shop of the Week: The African Shop

Shop: The African Shop

Why We Love It: During winter months, the grey of outside becomes oppressive. Add a "polar vortex" or whatever it was, and the whole winter thing becomes to miserable to bear. I would like to fight back with bold print and bright colors. Winter, you won't make me a sad, grey blob.

Price Range: $35  - $300

Links: Facebook / Instagram: @theafricanshop1

Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see our favorites)

Links: Lina Blouse $51; Tumble Boom Skirt $36; Etole Skirt $53; Moosum Skirt $48; African Print Blazer $59; Freeda Mid Length Skirt $53; Titus Blouse $43; Chiny Dress $68Dashiki Boom Dress $68 (also pictured above)


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