Ear Cuffs and Wraps

As much as I've griped about the resurgence of 90s fashion, I greet the return of ear cuffs with open arms. I love funky, weird jewelry anyway. (If you follow our Facebook, you know I've been posting mad amounts of celebrity ear bobbles.) Why not wear earrings in a new (old) way? This round is bolder and flashier than my 1996 "Celtic" silver-toned cuff too.

If you are considering buying into this trend, read the fine print. For those of you who've never taken the piercing plunging, many of these styles just hang or clip in place. Some styles, however, require a piercing. Often these earrings are not sold in pairs, as they are meant to be worn alone or asymmetrically.

Top: pearl ear cuff/stud, Amazon $27
dangling black beads ear wrap, Amazon $20
black dragon wrap and stud, Amazon $30
dangling spikes ear wrap, Macy's $18.50
rhinestone ear wrap, BCBG Max Azria $36
Bottom:  sunburst ear wrap, BCBG Max Azria $24 (also available in silver)
disc ear wrap and stud, Macy's $6 (sale)
rhinestone elf ear cuff, Amazon $14
skeleton vertebra ear cuff, Amazon $4


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