Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 6 in 3 Thoughts

1. This challenge is probably one of the strangest ever. And it's not strange in a totally bad way (like female wrestlers or male dancers). They had to create a date look for Marge Simpson. Yep, the animated character. The winning dress gets animated and featured on the show. It's a little silly, but it's also a fun challenge.

2. It was great to see Anthony Ryan back and in the judging chair. I didn't recognize him at first. He was going through chemo. His cancer came back. From what I can find through searches, he's doing good now.

3. It's a little shocking to see one of the three season winners leave this early. I loved Jeffrey on his season, but I can't think of way to keep defending him. Hopefully it's just a phase and he's about to discover something awesome in his design work. Seth Aaron was in the bottom with him. I'm glad he wasn't out, but he better get it together too. Another former winner, Irina, took the win. I liked her look. She was the most adventurous and deserved it. (I'm actually liking her this season. Has she changed a lot or have I lost it?) I also like runner-up Elena's look. It wasn't as fitting for the challenge, but I loved that jacket. Christopher did not really belong in the bottom. I would have called his dress safe, but it there weren't enough bad designs. And I really liked Vikor's safe dress.

P.S. Viktor and Christopher have great conflict resolution skills. Bravo them!

P.P.S. I think Zana Roberts is a bit useless as a mentor. Joanna Coles was awesome. We all love Tim Gunn, but Zana doesn't do much of anything, really.


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