Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 5 in 3 thoughts

Hi fellow Runway fans! This is a recap of the episode 5, which aired before Thanksgiving. (I was sick last week so I'm a little behind). Check back later today for a recap of last week's episode.

1. I loved this challenge idea*. This is one of the few times Lifetime's shameless plugs fit so well with the challenge. To promote their Bonnie & Clyde mini series, Lifetime challenged our designers to take inspiration from the 30s and bring it into modern-day ready to wear. I love 30s details, and I wish they popped up in clothing more often.

2. The designers were paired up in Bonnie and Clyde teams, but, thankfully, the designers didn't have to be judged as teams. Jeffrey won while Seth Aaron, his teammate, ended up in the bottom. Although, this ended up being such a good challenge that even the bottom looks weren't all bad. (I can think back to early Lifetime season when some of the losing looks would have won).

3. I'm sad to see Mychael go, but I do think it was his time. I was really happy to Jeffrey finally win after a rough season. I feel like the designers all did a good job of living up to the challenge and giving a great show.

What did you think of the winner and loser?

*The only thing I didn't like about the challenge was the inclusion of menswear. I've ranted about this every time there has been menswear in a Runway challenge. These aren't menswear designers. This isn't a menswear competition. The prizes aren't for a menswear line. I know fashion is for everyone, but I prefer they keep it womenswear related. (Also, it was totally unfair that they didn't bother to get current measurements for the male models. Jeffery's model's measurements were a year old).


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