Project Runway All Stars S3E7 in 3 Thoughts

1. I like it when Project Runway gets practical with challenges. Sure, it's fun to watch designers make a dress out of plastic cups or corn husks, but testing the real world skills like designing a dress that looks great in person and in photographs is actually useful. I don't know how many times I've said, "This dress looked so much better on TV." The designers had to get their looks photographed so the judges could evaluate the photo appeal along with the runway appeal. (More stylists should try this with their clients. Flash bulbs wouldn't be trouble they are).

2. In an All Star season with three winners, I expected to see at least two of them get near the top. However, we have five designers left and only one former winner.

3. I'm glad Korto got a win, even if her dress wasn't groundbreaking. Sometimes, a simple dress that's made well and done in unique colors is all you need to make a lot of impact. Where some of the designers tortured fabric, Korto edited and kept it cool. Irina's losing look surprised me because it didn't seem very "Irina" to me and the fabric choice was a disaster.

What did you think of this win and lose? Who are you picks for the top three. (I'm not totally sure beyond Christopher).


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