Love or Loathe: The Clutch

It's party season, and that means party dresses. Party dresses mean you usually swap out that perfectly sensible but heavy everyday bag for a sleek little clutch. But the clutch has problems. Obviously, it's small. That's the point. But sometimes a cell phone, a credit card, and one lipstick isn't enough. I need kleenex. I need a nail file. Eyedrops. Cough drops. Mints. Most importantly, I need to be able to stuff a book in my bag so that when the party goes horribly, I can find a quiet place to read. (I don't party well.)
Big Buddha "Adriana" Clutch $30 on Amazon

The second big problem with the little clutch is that unless you get one with a wrist strap, you have to carry it. If you party better than I do, you may also lose track of it after dancing or other festive mayhem.

But brush those concerns aside. Clutches are cute! And the modern clutch looks more like a cool wallet than the stiff, sparkle fest of the 80s. I kind of want a million of them even though I suck at parties.

Will you be trading your bag for a clutch this New Year's?


Anonymous said…
It looks a bit prehistoric. I like it.

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