Wearing Mint in Fall

Without intending to, I purchased a lot of mint this spring and summer. That's a very seasonal color, so how do I work it into my fall wardrobe? Well, it sort of depends on how much mint is involved.

Use one color-neutral like burgundy or navy with a primary base of a basic neutral like taupe. Then the mint is a fresh pop.

This is a similar idea using basic neutrals as the base, mint as the primary color, and another bright color as an accent.
Mint, Beige, Black

Copper is the metallic for fall, and some minty shades work perfectly as aged copper.
Copper Goddess

You could go 80s-tastic by pairing mint with bold bubblegum pink. Just leave the acid wash and scrunchies in the past.
Cool Candy

Of course, you can always try it with a traditional fall palette.
Mustard and Mint


Jennifer Wells said…
You always make me want to go shopping. Stop that.

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