Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week Beauty

Balmain: the typical face of Spring 2014.
The big beauty story played out across every city -- from Philip Lim to Lanvin, from Pucci to ChloƩ -- was nothing. Clean skin, maybe a bit of lip gloss, brushed eye brows, air-dried hair.

While that may be easy-peasy, it's also super boring for a drama lover like myself. Give me a good brick lip or cobalt cateye. Give me a sleek ponytail or pin-up curls. Don't pay a team of professionals to make the models look like they just stepped out of the shower. Boring!

My one bright spot of hope was the heavy use of metallics for those who did deign to makeup. Whether is was on nails, eyes, eyebrows, or hair, metallics are this upcoming spring's bright spot. Shiny.


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