Project Runways Season 12 Home Visits in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. I love the home visits because this is the Tim episode. However, I'm sad that we don't get time with Tim like we used to. Now that designers always have to come back to compete for their spots, we don't get to see a whole day of strange family activities were Tim has to learn to make strange new cuisine or something.
2. Justin has a 3D printer. Look at the cool stuff he made with a printer! His use of technology was awesome.

3. I want to design a line of basic dresses that come with a disk full of thousands of printable add-ons. You can pick the ones you want to print and wear. Someday, when everyone has a 3D printer, this will be all the rage.

4. Dom had a guaranteed spot at fashion week so she didn't have to show, but what we saw so far was pretty cool. Her unconventional materials piece was shaping up nicely too.

5. Tim was bloodied at one point after an altercation with the subway stairs. The stairs won, and Tim ended up with stitches.

6. Bradon had a guaranteed spot at fashion week too. I'm not sure about some of his pieces, but he had some lovely stuff going.

7. Justin really surprised me. He walked us through his journey of deafness and hearing with the implants. The personal story, the strong use of technology and the fully realized vision earned him the first spot to fashion week.

8. Alexandria showed some of her best work yet, but it didn't read great on the runway. I liked her glove pockets on the pants. (I only use my pockets as gloves or a place to put my hands anyway because girl pockets are useless so these were cool).

9. Helen lost her way. I am really excited to see her someday on Project Runway All Stars because she is talented. She has a lot of amazing ideas and some great raw talent. I'm not sure how she got so far off base with her collection. I wish it hadn't happened because I was looking forward to seeing her at fashion week. She's one to watch. I was sad to see her go.

10. What did you think of the results? Who are you cheering for?


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