Etsy Shop of the Week: Walk by Anat Dahari

Shop: Walk by Anat Dahari

Why We Love It: I was admiring some designer shoes in a shop window this week. They were very cool, but for boots they were not the least bit functional. I love a cool shoe, but I prefer a cool shoe I can actually wear. Anat Dahari, the designer behind Walk, is an architect who designs shoes with simple yet exquisite form that serves their function. These are not your grandmother's comfort shoes. These have a lot of style to go with their substance.

Price Range: $100 - $390

Links: Facebook

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorites.)

Pictured: Black High Heel Shoes $175; Brown Felice High Heel Boots $315; Black Oxford Shoes for Women $168; Black Winter Shoes $154; Flat Silver Evening Shoes $205; Long Brown Boots $390; Grey Folded Boots $210 (also pictured above)


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