Etsy Shop of the Week: Team Rocket's Pokemon Emporium

Shop: Team Rocket's Pokemon Emporium

Why We Love It: If you've learned anything about Fashion Me Fabulous, you've probably learned that we are nerds. When Jael and I traveled to Japan for a friends wedding last year, I dragged her to the Pokemon Center where I ran around in a gleeful Pokemon stooper. I love Pokemon. And with the new game out, I can't walk past an electronics department at any store without contemplating my need for a 3DS and the new Pokemon X. Maybe I could sate my Pocket Monster craving by being an Emolga for Halloween.

Price Range: $18 - $85

Links: Portfolio / Deviant Art (Click the portfolio, it's adorable.)

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some of our favorite items).

Pictured: Pikachu Ears $22; Oshawatt Ears and Shell $22; Arcanine Ears $22; Growlithe Ears $20; Pichu Ears $22; Marril Ears $20; Jigglypuff Ears $18; Meowth Ears $22; Rattatta Ears $18; Emolga Ears $22 (also pictured above)


Jael Paris said…
I was just thinking the other day, "Gee, it's been a while since I've seen pokemon-crazy 10-year-old becca."
Anonymous said…
I want Pokemon x and y!!

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