Pick of the Week: Autumn Floral Pullover

Generally, I'm not a floral person, but this sweater is stunning. (It reminds me of the wallpaper of an elderly British woman who wins the village prize for best roses every year. Her name is Mable. Because I love Mable who I just made up, I love this.) I would wear it backwards all the time, but if you wouldn't the expanse of the beige front is perfect for a coordinating necklace. It's pretty and polished but put-together. You could wear it to a bonfire with skinny jeans and coral flats or to work with a hunter green pencil skirt and nude heels. Unfortunately, it's $98 at Anthropologie. But it's a versatile statement piece if you are investing in only a few items for fall. There is always sale stalking too.


Jennifer Wells said…
I love it, too.

Certainly that is something that can be made?
becca said…
I like this idea of putting the bold print on the back.

And Nora, perhaps this would serve as a DIY inspiration. Hmmm.

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