The Horror: All The Prints!

This swimsuit -- like this one -- is for surfers, which is why it has sleeves. That is not the issue. The issues is that the "sandy" paisley against the black and white stripes is crazy fugly. Were there no other fabrics? Could they not mix stripes or add polka dots? Paisley wouldn't even be bad if it were, say, white and blue. The cardinal rule of print mixing is that the opposing prints need to share colors to create cohesion. This looks like someone thought her strapless one-piece was too daring so she decided to layer with the shirt she wore yesterday.


Anonymous said…
I've really enjoyed some of the print-mixing I've seen in magazines lately, but yeah. That one's ugly.
Anonymous said…
I agree completely! it should be the blue in the middle as the sleeve-part. Swimsuits aren't supposed to look like this!

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